Remembering when I had the governors niece
For a $300 debt almost got my earthly release
She shot me 6 times when I was cuffed to the police
That was the end of my days in New Orleans

They threw me off the boat in Apalachicola
Captain said “Boy you didn’t listen to a word I told ya”
(I said) Cher I didn’t steal your nephews medicine
(He said) Boy I can’t have disruption on this boat begin


Well its morning in Mobile
And I’m freezing to death
I was out all nite hitchin’
Couldn’t take my rest
Louisiana line looks so far away
Don’t think I’ll make it to Morgan City today

Solo by Bryan Blake


Got me a Motel by the river
Where I live with another man’s wife
And we listen to the chank-chank
On the Swampdog
And stare at the river all nite

I worked as a roughneck
And as a ship’s cook
Those were the days the ladies
Gave me more than a 2nd  look
Wasn’t a man I’d hesitate to fight
But the Gulf Coast morning
Is coming from the Bama nite


Story behind Morgan City: 

I was driving to Austin TX via the Gulf Coast and so I crossed the 90 bridge into Mobile Ala where I saw  a man hitchhiking.  It was a Sunday in the winter and it was mighty cold out so I picked him up (I’ve hitched a lot myself).  I believe his name was Joe and this song is his story.  He actually made me feel the indentation on his head where one of the bullets ricocheted off. (People with weird cranial injuries always want you to touch them).  His crazy girlfriend tried to shoot him when he was already arrested.  On the music side Bryan Blake takes a great solo which we recorded in his living room.


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