Straight From the Big Island
Oh Lord I was Jettisoned Here
Go back I’ll be Smiling
When I Breathe in that Fresh Kona Air
Dig a Little Jahwaiin
Gabby Pahinui can Rock Down A House
Straight From the Big Island
Over Here Over Here
I’m Feeling Left Out

So It Didn’t Work Out The First Time
Lord Honey That Don’t Mean You Don’t
Get  a Second Chance
Cool your heels you’re young you’ll get back
And this Time You’ll Feel The Big Island Essence


Didn’t Make it To Puna
For that New Years Eve Show
Iman was Hurting and I Just Had to Go
6000 Miles I Went On Da Kine Jetplane
But I’d Like To See You
At Hapuna Beach Again


Ragga` Toast

Spend Most of My Time
Daydreaming About You On the Beach
Baby That Vision’s Distant
But Not Quite Out of Reach
Come On Take Me Back Down
To Kealakekua Bay
We’ll Find A Remote Spot
And Make Love the Jahwaiian Way


Toast (figure it out)


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