Paul Brion and the Raucous Brothers

Paul Brion is a singer/songwriter who has been performing along the East Coast since at least 1984.
Paul was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, and Frank Zappa during his formative guitar playing years. The first club gigs were playing Texas Swing and country music with the mysterious (and now missing) Bob Grover. In the early 80’s Paul saw the Neville Bros and swore allegiance to reggae music after hearing them play Marley’s One Love as an encore. Around the same time he began playing with the Carribean band NuNu Balsm.

After NuNuBalsm self-destructed, Paul and some remaining members formed the Raucous Brothers. Not just satisfied with reggae the band added zydeco, New Orleans R&B (read the Meters), and P-Funk to the greasey melange.

Around 1995 Paul moved to Kona on the island o Hawaii and joined the roots reggae band Jahrhinga. Jahrhinga played many Bob Marley Day shows in Hilo some with Marty Dread and Jack Miller. While in Puna the band headlined at the Akebono Theatre (oldest theater in HI.) and the Pahoa Lounge.

Brion returned to the East Coast after his brief Jahwaiian interlude to inject everything he had learned into the new Raucous Brothers. Returning to Hawaii many times Paul would re-up with Jahrhinga and especially bassist/athlete Aja Eversfield through the years.

There are 3 Raucous Brothers Cds, one Jata Cd, and even one casette tape (Seduction Via Riddim-from the earliest days). Several of Paul’s songs have been used on movie soundtracks and even on the Carolina Surf Report. Full blown Raucous Brothers gigs are rare now but Paul continues to play solo and duo gigs at damn near any venue that will have him. He is currently (as always) recording a new CD.

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